Thursday, July 15, 2010

Email #1

This is an email update that I sent out to a few people that were praying for me.

Hi guys. So I saw the neurologist yesterday and he was a wonderful Christian man who talked the whole hour long appointment about God's plan for us and how nothing happens for no reason. My husband was with me and we both left feeling so positive and encouraged. It was my prayer going into this that I would be taken seriously and that even if it was a good day, that he would see my symptoms for what they really were. I have had better days lately, but my thinking is very muddled, I have a constant dizzy buzz in my head, and my left leg has weakness in it that comes and goes. I'm not in pain, though, and the vomitting from the medication is completely gone!

Anyway, he did a whole barrage of tests, asked us a million questions, and said that I was very symptomatic of MS. As it turns out, my MRI was rescheduled from Aug. 29 to Oct. 4, so I'm on a waiting list to see if I can get in earlier. Crazy! I guess God is really teaching us to be patient. He did admit that demyelination can happen from Lyme Disease, so this could still be Lyme, but if that is what it is, then I will likely deal with it in the same way as MS.

I feel that God has given me a joy inside that only comes from Him. I feel completely in His care and know that he has a plan for my life no matter what happens. This verse has really been encouraging me lately:

Phil. 3:20,21

"We , however, are citizens of Heaven. We look forward to the Lord Jesus Christ coming from Heaven as our Saviour. Through His power to bring everything under His authority, He will change our humble bodies and make them like His glorified body."

Have a great day,


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