Thursday, July 15, 2010

The beginning

Hi there. This blog is here to bless you as you read it. This is the journey that God is bringing me through right now as I wait to find answers as to what is wrong with my health.

For the past few years, I have had bouts of dizziness, fatigue, and muscle weakness, but for the most part ignored them or chalked them up to low blood sugar. In early January, I went to a doctor because I was experiencing more dizziness, a constant nausea, and some short term memory loss. The doctor decided to send me to an allergist, but said that I was vitamin D and B12 deficient and suggested I take high doses of these vitamins.

Initially, I noticed some improvement, but that soon faded. When I saw the allergist in May, we found that I had Hay Fever, but no other allergies. She immediately ordered an MRI after I told her my symptoms and said that it sounded like one of two things to her - Multiple Sclerosis or a brain tumor. She told me to see my family doctor immediately and tell him what she had said. So, the next day I got in to see my doctor, and he checked a few things which showed some kind of infection in my blood. Based on the symptoms I had, he diagnosed my with Lyme Disease and put me on some very potent antibiotics. These made me very sick initially, but after a few weeks, my body got used to them. After little improvement after the first month, he sent me to a neurologist saying this could be MS. He also doubled the dose of antibiotics in case it was still Lyme, and recommended I take time off of my job since my symptoms were now interfering with my work. Also, the side effects of the new dose would make me very sick (lots of vomitting, etc.).

The neurologist said that I was very symptomatic of MS and was a little surprised at my other diagnosis, but admitted that it wasn't completely wrong, though. He was such an encouragement to my husband and I and we left there feeling very positive.

We are now in a time of waiting for a final diagnosis. I have an upcoming MRI (although not for several months, yet) which should give us a better understanding of what's going on. This time of waiting is so much more than just waiting for a diagnosis. God has called me to wait on Him and I've realized that the only thing that I can control right now is my attitude. I can choose to worry, or I can choose to be joyful. I choose to be joyful.


  1. Wow Jac....I had no idea. Guess I'm stuck over here on the other side of town in my own little world. You are definitely going on my prayer list, friend!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jacqui! Will definitely pray for you. My uncle has recently be diagnosed with MS after YEARS and YEARS of tests and more tests. I hope they find answers sooner than later and even more importantly, that as you journey through this, that you would know God's close presence and comfort. You already inspire. Hugs!!!

  3. You have my full support! Anytime you want to chat please contact me! I to know what its like face to possibilities of MS and I hope its not the case!! I hope you get your MRI sooner! Stay Positive :)))

    Your Cousin